Plum DUO Eyewash

Eyewash products for optimum assistance if dirt, dust and other substances come into contact with the eyes. Plum Eyewash is used for washing dust, dirt and contamination and Plum pH Neutral is for eye injuries involving acid and base.

The range features two DUO-sized products for eyewash of both eyes, for individual use or refilling in the wall-mounted first aid stations and first aid boxes.


DUO eyecup for simultaneous washing of both eyes

Ergonomic eyecups for effective flow

Easily manageable bottles

User-friendly design allows the bottles to be quickly opened

Plum Eyewash: 0.9% sterile Sodium Chloride

Plum pH Neutral: 4.9% sterile Phosphate buffer

Effective DUO eyewash for removal of dust, dirt, contamination, acid and base in eyes

Disposable bottles; do not reuse

CE marked products with 3,5 year expiration date

Reservation is made for hydrofluoric acid, which is toxic and highly corrosive to skin and bones. Plum pH Neutral may neutralize and rinse, but not limit the corrosive effect. It is not intended as first aid for eye accidents involving hydrofluoric acid.

Potential serious incidents related to product Plum DUO Eyewash must be reported to the manufacturer at and to the Competent Authority responsible for medical devices.
Art. no.Product namePackaging
4861500 ml Plum DUO Eyewash 6 x 500 ml
4801500 ml pH Neutral DUO 6 x 500 ml
48001000 ml Plum DUO Eyewash 6 x 1000 ml