Wall-mounted dispenser with 2 x 5 eyewash ampoules with 20 ml 0.9 % sterile sodium chloride.

The dispenser provides easy, quick and hygienic relief for rinsing dust and dirt from the eyes. Easily mounted in the location where the need is the greatest.

Refillable dispensers with eyewash ampoule (item no. 5160).

Choose QuickFix&Rinse and combine with QuickRinse eyewash ampoules and any variant of QuickFix plasters.


0.9 % sterile sodium chloride – similar to that of the human eye

Ampoules provides quick relief if dust or dirt comes into contact with the eye or in case of dry eye conditions

Easy access to eyewash in case of an accident

The dispenser design is compact and dust-proof; it provides quick and easy access to first aid right where it is needed and relative to the plaster and eyewash requirement

Wall-mounted dispenser, user-friendly assembly and refill

CE-labelled eyewash ampoules, 3-year expiry date

The dispenser may be used with QuickRinse eyewash ampoules and any variant of QuickFix plasters as needed

Potential serious incidents related to product QuickRinse must be reported to the manufacturer at info@plum.eu. and to the Competent Authority responsible for medical devices.
Art. no.Product namePackaging
5160QuickFix Refill 4 x 5 pcs.
4632QuickRinse Dispenser 1 x 10 pcs.
4631QuickFix&Rinse Dispenser 1 x 10 pcs.