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QuickSafe Complete

Wall-mounted first-aid station with a broad selection of first-aid products. Supplement with products customised to corporate needs.


18 x QuickCool burn gel (art. no. 5150)
1 x QuickStop wound dressing (art. no. 5152)
20 x QuickClean wound cleanser (art. no. 5151)
2 x 500 ml Plum eye wash (art. no. 4604)
1 x 200 ml pH Neutral (art. no. 4752)
5 x 20 ml QuickRinse eye wash ampoules (art. no. 5160)
1 x QuickFix Elastic plaster refill (art. no. 5512)

Find eye washpH NeutralDUO eye wash and plaster and various refills for your station.

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS.

For an enlarged view, please click on the individual product images.

  • Comprehensive first aid in one single location
  • Make first aid visible and readily available
  • Quick help in minor and major injuries
  • Flexible and customised solution for any need
  • Dust-proof and hygienic first-aid cabinet
  • Visible and easy to refill

How to buy our products

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