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QuickSafe Complete

Wall-mounted first-aid station with a broad selection of first-aid products. Supplement with products customised to corporate needs.



18 x QuickCool fire gel (art. no. 5150)
1 x QuickStop wound dressing (art. no. 5152)
20 x QuickClean wound cleanser (art. no. 5151)
2 x 500 ml Plum eye wash (art. no. 4604)
1 x 200 ml pH Neutral (art. no. 4752)
5 x 20 ml QuickRinse eye wash ampoules (art. no. 5160)
1 x QuickFix Elastic plaster refill (art. no. 5512)


Find eye washpH NeutralDUO eye wash and plaster and various refills for your station.


  • Comprehensive first aid in one single location
  • Make first aid visible and readily available
  • Quick help in minor and major injuries
  • Flexible and customised solution for any need
  • Dust-proof and hygienic first-aid cabinet
  • Visible and easy to refill

How to buy our products

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