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Hand hygiene products – food processing industry

People working in food processing industries, industrial kitchens, abattoirs, dairies, etc. are particularly exposed to skin issues with a frequency three times higher than the average for other sectors.

The main reason is very frequent hand wash, work involving cleaning agents and chemicals (skin irritation substances) a generally wet working environment. A large number of issues with dry and cracked skin, skin irritation or dermatitis (which provide favourable conditions for bacteria and virus) are reported annually. Moreover, it becomes difficult for the employee to perform his work and comply with hygiene standards, thus increasing the risk of bacteria-to-food transmission.

Below we have listed the benefits of a full-scale hand hygiene solution programme for food processing industries and the recommended products


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  • Reduced risk of occupational skin diseases
  • Fewer sick days owing to bacteria transmitted diseases
  • Lower costs thanks to proper hygiene
  • Better compliance with hygiene standards
  • Focus on employee well-being
  • Happy and healthy employees, contributing to upholding good hand hygiene
  • Positive feedback from satisfied employees and business partners
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