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First aid products - healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector you are in daily contact with desinfection- and cleaningmaterials as well as scalpels and syringes and more, which is why there is a risk of injuries.

It is therefore essential to have first aid products close at hand for both the large as well as small accidents e.g. eye injuries with foreign objects or acids or alkalis, burns, cuts and other minor wounds.

Below we have listed the benefits of a full-scale first aid programme and our recommended products.


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Measurable benefits
  • The products are easy and quick to use
  • Reliable products
  • A wide range of solutions for injurie
  • Hygienic treatment of eye injuries and cuts
  • No consequential damages due to timely first aid
  • The eyewash products are CE-labelled and have a 3-year expiry date
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