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Hand disinfection - healthcare sector

Healthcare employees at hospitals, old-age homes, clinics, etc. are notably exposed to hand issues owing to frequent hand wash and disinfection. These routines break down the natural barriers of the skin and deteriorate its ability to remain clean and infection free.

The risk of bacteria and virus transmission increases, which leads to more frequent hand wash, and a growing impact on the skin. The results are skin irritation, dermatitis or – worse – to work capacity-reducing diseases and potentially cause sick days. The risk of not meeting a high hygiene standards and spreading serious infections increases.

Below we have listed the benefits of a full-scale dispenser solution programme for the healthcare segments and the recommended products.


* For the liquid disinfection check for local availability by contacting us


  • Reduced risk of occupational skin diseases
  • Fewer sick days and absence owing to skin diseases
  • Lower costs thanks to enhanced hygiene
  • Better compliance with hygiene standards
  • Reduced risk of infection transmission
  • Happy and healthy employees, contributing to upholding good hand hygiene

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