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Hand hygiene products – industrial sector

Industry employees will daily have their hands exposed to various kind of impact. The relevant areas of work are car repair shops, drilling rigs, construction, freight, processing and manufacturing in iron, metal, chemicals and graphical segments, including textile and packaging.

Examples: mechanical wear, dirt, dust, oil, grease, water, chemicals, cleaning agents, temperature conditions, wind, weather conditions, etc.  All may lead to skin issues such as sensitive skin, dermatitis and more serious skin diseases. For the individual employee the consequences are reduced ability to work, absence owing to illness, treatment etc.

Below we have listed the benefits of a full-scale hand hygiene programme for industrial use and our recommended products.


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  • Fewer sick days owing to skin diseases
  • Increased productivity owing to fewer sick days and skin issues
  • Increased turnover owing to improved productivity and reduced costs associated with sick days
  • Focus on employee well-being
  • Happy and healthy employees, contributing to maintaining good hand hygiene
  • Positive feedback from satisfied employees and business partners
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