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Hand hygiene products – schools and institutions

Schools, kindergartens and institutions, etc., are areas where hand hygiene and notably hand disinfection are mandatory as focal points. Frequently, bacteria and virus are transmitted here through human contact and surfaces, causing illness and sickness for a large number of people.

The transmission of bacteria is frequently reported in environments where people are in close contact, even when they are ill, and where there is a lack of proper hand hygiene. Moreover, good practice prescribes the use of sun lotion for children at the institution when they spend significant time outside and exposed to the daytime sun.

Below we have listed the benefits of a full-scale hand hygiene solution programme for schools and institutions and the recommended products.


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  • Appropriate hygiene practice
  • Reduced risk of bacteria and infection transmission
  • Fewer sick days owing to bacteria transmitted diseases
  • Lower costs thanks to proper hygiene
  • Focus on employee well-being
  • Happy and healthy employees and children
  • Positive feedback from satisfied employees and parents
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