QuickFix UNO

Flexible system for all types of work. A QuickFix Plaster dispenser provides a structured approach to first aid of minor injuries
For workplaces that are not challenged with dust and dirt, we have developed the QuickFix UNO plaster dispenser. It is a small and modern dispenser in a unique design that combines workplace safety with modern style.

The dispenser contains 1 refill of QuickFix plasters or QuickRinse eyewash ampoules. QuickFix UNO is available with a glossy white or a transparent cover.

Dimensions: h: 85 x w: 130 x d: 35 mm


Immediate and visible access to plasters and eyewash ampoules

Each plaster is ready for use with a pull from the dispenser

Each plaster is packed separately

Only one hand is needed to apply

Easily refilled as required

Easy to see when it is empty

Quickly stops minor bleeding without staining the other plasters

Small dimensions – easy to find room for the QuickFix dispenser

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS at info@plum.eu.

Art. no.Product namePackaging
5533QuickFix UNO Dispenser, Transparent (Empty) 1 pcs.
5531 QuickFix UNO Dispenser, Transparent w/elastic 1 pcs.
5540 QuickFix UNO Dispenser, Transparent w/detectable 1 pcs.
5534QuickFix UNO Dispenser, White (Empty) 1 pcs.
5532 QuickFix UNO Dispenser, White w/elastic 1 pcs.