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Plum Plug & Heat Eyewash Boxes

Dust-proof wall stations in impact-proof polystyrene for quick and easy first aid when an eye accident occurs. Whatever the reason, most often quick help is needed when you get something in the eye. Therefore, preparedness must be in place and be easily accessible at the workplace - also under cold weather conditions.

Plum Plug & Heat Eyewash boxes contain a heating element, that ensures, that the eyewash liquid has a comfortable shower temperature. 

Refills are not included. 

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS.

For an enlarged view, please click on the Individual product images.

  • Dust-proof wall station in impact-proof polystyrene
  • Power consumption: 20W
  • Power supply: Connect to a 12V DC cigarette lighter or a local converter
  • Heating foil is CE-approved in confirmity with low voltage directive 2006/95/EC (EN 60950-1/A2:2013)
  • The box should be placed sheltered from the influences of the weather (rain, snow, sun, etc.)
  • The box is preset to ensure an eyewash temperature of 16°C to 38°C within an external temperature range of -20°C to +20°C
  • If a transformer is used, it must meet the applicable local requirements for insulation and overcurrent protection
  • Refills are not included
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