Vision and values

It is our vision to pursue the aim of ”solutions contributing to a safe and sound work environment”, coupled with the aim of creating products:

  • Meeting needs for out-of-home safe and efficient skin cleaning and care
  • Complying with the need for safe and effective first-aid measures
  • Complying with quality requirements


Our vision

We want to be the leading Scandinavian company within product development, manufacturing and marketing of hand hygiene and first-aid products.

  • We want to produce mild, effective care products and comfort-creating first-aid solutions for Scandinavian workplaces
  • We want to be among the top performers in ensuring a sound and safe work life for other people
  • Our company name and logo must be recognised and associated with the values of high safety, quality, innovation and dependability 



Our values

Our core values are development, accountability, openness and honesty, which are reflected in each and every activity, and we are striving to meet our values in everything that we are doing.

We are developing ourselves and each other, professionally, personally and commercially. No development takes places without innovation, happy employees and growth.


We are open towards and meet other people with respect. We are seeking and sharing information and actively and curiously listening to our surroundings and eachother.

We are accountable relative to each other and our surroundings. We show others respect and work in teams with a view to creating quality products while being environmentally friendly and safety-driven.


We are honest and direct. We deal appropriately with confidential matters, provide feedback and proactively seek dialogue and collaboration.