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Plum Dispenser Stand

Stand for mounting a dispenser in places where wall dispensers are not suitable or cannot be mounted. Position and move the stand freely as necessary.

A stand enables good hand hygiene in places where wall dispensers are not desired or cannot be mounted.

All CombiPlum dispensers can be mounted directly on the stand.

Dimensions: H: 145 x W: 28 x D: 33 cm


Elegant and stylish stainless steel dispenser stand

Fits in all places and makes hand hygiene easily accessible

Delivered with screws for mounting of all CombiPlum dispensers

Option for mounting stainless steel drip tray (sold separately)

Dimension: height 145 x width 28 x depth 33 cm

Weight: 10 kg

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS at
Art. no.Product namePackaging
4311Dispenser Stand, Stainless Steel1
4313 Drip Tray, Stainless Steel1