Super Plum


White hand cleaning paste made from vegetable oils for effective removal of oils, oil contamination, printing colours and other dirt.

Well suited for craftsmen, car repair shops, production plants working with iron and metal, chemicals, graphical production, packaging and other processing industries.



  • Mild hand cleanser, does not contain solvents
  • Made from vegetable oils with skin lubricating properties
  • Contains 100% natural abrasive (corncob granulate)
  • Effective and sensitive to the skin
  • To be used on wet hands

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to Plum Safety ApS at

Art. no.Product namePackaging
1015Super Plum, 250 ml Tube12 x 250 ml
1042Super Plum, 1l Jar12 x 1l
1018Super Plum, 1l Bag-in-box8 x 1l
1043Super Plum, 3l Jar6 x 3l