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Decontamination solution – Plum BodyNeutrAll

Mobile body shower with a highly effective decontamination solution for skin, surfaces and clothing.

For fast and effective decontamination of bodies and surfaces in contact with corrosive and toxic hazardous substances such as strong acids and bases, oxidants, formaldehyde, phenols, organic solvents, hydrofluoric acid, and fluorides.

Plum BodyNeutrAll contains ascorbic acid, an amino acid buffer, and calcium ions as active substances. Glycerin, polyethylene and glycol are solubilizers for organic chemicals.

The solution is available in the 3 different sizes:
– 5 L – suitable for larger areas up to 50 m2 and covers several people
– 600 ml – easy to use on smaller areas up to 6 m2 or up to 3 persons
– 100 ml – is pocket-sized to bring with you and covers approx. 1 m2 or 1 arm’s length


Reduces strong oxidants (such as chlorine, hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, chloramine, bromine, iodine, fluorine, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid) to compounds that are no longer active.

Binds aldehydes into imines, phenols into ammines, and heavy metals into ammine complexes.

Binds hydrofluoric acid and fluorides into the sparingly soluble calcium fluoride.

Dissolves organic solvents and chemicals.

A red coloration of the sprayed area shows that oxidizing agents have been inactivated.

Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture

Potential serious incidents related to product Plum BodyNeutrAll must be reported to the manufacturer at and to the Competent Authority responsible for medical devices.
Art. no.Product namePackaging
4737Plum BodyNeutrAll 100ml1 x 6
4736Plum BodyNeutrAll 600ml1 x 4
4735Plum BodyNeutrAll 5L1 x 1