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Plum Pull1Aid

One-stop access point to woundcare
Plum Pull1Aid is a wall mounted first aid station that fits most workplaces. A flexible solution that gives a quick overview of the available first aid – and makes it easy to always have the right products in the right place.

Pull1Aid allows you to combine first aid and wound care products that suit the needs at your workplace. With the transparent lid you can immediately locate, and quickly and safely fetch the needed woundcare.

Pull1Aid is clear, fast and simple first aid so you can act immidiately if an accident happens. Expand your Pull1Aid station for increased safety for wounds and eyes by mounting a QuickSafe station next to it.


Clear cover – hygienic and protects the products from dust

Practical and functional station

High quality products

Simple to use with clear instructions

Easy and quick to refill

Immediate and visible access to plasters, ready to use with a pull

Wound care products are quick to pull out of the stations

Potential serious incidents related to a product in Plum Pull1Aid must be reported to the manufacturer at and to the Competent Authority responsible for medical devices.

Plum Pull1Aid No. III (5183)

1 x Plum QuickCool burn gel (5150)
1 x Plum QuickClean wound cleanser (5151)
1 x Plum QuickStop wound dressing (5152)
2 x Plum Blood Stopper wound dressing (5154)
1 x Plum Blood Stopper Mini wound dressing (5153)
1 x Plum BurnGel dressing for burns (5156)
1 x Plum Protect Kit respiratory aid (5155)
1 x Plum QuickFix Elastic (5512)
1 x Plum Eyewash 0.9% Sodium Chloride QuickRinse  (5160)

Art. no.Product namePackaging
5183Plum Pull1Aid No. III1