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Plum QuickFix Plaster for professional use

Plum QuickFix is your quick help for minor accidents. Mount the plaster dispenser on the wall and save time. Put on the plaster – and back to work!

Plum QuickFix plaster

Stop wasting time on minor injuries. Take a plaster from the dispenser, put it on, and go back to work! Plum QuickFix solves the problem easily, hygienically and effectively.
Lots of minor accidents happen every day at work where a plaster is all that is needed. Choose the right plaster for your work situation. A suitable solution is available whether you need common first aid plasters for work situations, waterproof plaster for workplaces with a lot of humidity or for work within the food sector.

Plum QuickFix plaster dispenser

Plum QuickFix provides a structured approach to first aid of minor injuries. Our range of Plum QuickFix plaster dispensers contain two types of dispensers in different designs. They are developed for different types of workplaces and they can be filled with plasters and ampoules of eyewash in a variety of mixes to meet the needs of every work situation.

Plum QuickFix plaster dispensers

Plaster refills for Plum QuickFix dispensers

The products are CE marked according to the Guidelines for Classification of Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC)