Plum Eyewash Boxes

Wall-mounted eyewash boxes made in maintenance-free material for light and quick eye injury first aid. No matter the circumstances, swift reaction is usually required when the eye is exposed. Therefore, you need to be well prepared with the proper first-aid products at the workplace.

Our range comprises various eyewash stations 2 bottles, including Plum Eyewash, Plum pH Neutral and DUO eyewash products.


Dust-tight wall stations in high-impact polystyrene

Visible and readily available first aid

Quick and efficient eyewash

Simple and quickly mounted on the wall close to the workplace

May be mounted right where the need for immediate rinsing will be

Supplied with clear pictograms and mirror

Particularly suited for dusty and dirty production areas

Reservation is made for hydrofluoric acid, which is toxic and highly corrosive to skin and bones. Plum pH Neutral may neutralize and rinse, but not limit the corrosive effect. It is not intended as first aid for eye accidents involving hydrofluoric acid.

Potential serious incidents related to a product in Plum Eyewash Boxes must be reported to the manufacturer at and to the Competent Authority responsible for medical devices.
Art. no.Product namePackaging
4650Plum Eyewash box w/2 x 500 ml Plum Eyewash 1 pcs.
4816Plum Eyewash box DUO w/2 x 1000 ml Plum Eyewash DUO 1 pcs.
4789Plum Combi Box w/200 ml Plum pH Neutral & 500 ml Plum Eyewash 1 pcs.
4862Plum Combi Box DUO w/500 ml Plum pH Neutral DUO & 500 ml Plum Eyewash DUO 1 pcs.
4810Plum Combi Box DUO Maxi w/500 ml Plum pH Neutral DUO & 1000 ml Plum Eyewash DUO 1 pcs.