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Plum Eyewash Solutions

Quick access to eyewash is crucial for all workplaces with a risk of eye injuries because seconds decide the impact of an accident.

How to use Plum Eyewash with Freddy
Plum Eyewash 0.9% Sodium Chloride

Eyewash products for optimum assistance if dirt, dust, and other substances come in to contact with the eyes.

How to use Plum Eyewash DUO with Freddy
Plum DUO Eyewash

The range features two DUO-sized products for eyewash of both eyes, for individual use and refilling.

QuickFix Plasters

QuickFix is your quick help for minor accidents. Mount the plaster dispenser on the wall and save time. Put on the plaster – and back to work!
How to use QuickFix Plaster with Freddy
QuickFix Elastic

Elastic and comfortable textile plasters that adjust to the movements of the skin. The plasters are skin-friendly and allow the skin to breathe.

QuickFix Detectable

Blue conspicuous plasters with a built-in metal foil that can be traced by a metal detector. Particularly suitable for the food industry. 

Quick Solutions

Practical solutions to stop small accidents before they stop you!


Wound cleansing wipes for cleaning minor wounds and cuts. Each wipe is packed separately and contains sterile water.


Burn gel for first aid in case of minor burns and scalding. Cooling and pain-relieving effect.


The dispenser provides easy, quick, and hygienic relief for rinsing dust and dirt from the eyes.


Wound compress dressing set for effective first aid in the event of minor as well as major bleeding.