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A look behind the eye

Structure and function of the eye

The eye is one of the most important senses. In case of an accident, a few seconds can decide whether vision is lost or impaired. Therefore it is of great importance to protect your eyes while working. In spite of safety precautions many workplaces cannot be completely secured and still bear a risk of eye injuries. Easy access to an effective eyewash solution helps prevent or reduce the extent of the injury

Light crosses the cornea and reaches the anterior chamber of the eye, which is filled with aqueous fluid. The light is regulated by the iris and the refraction is done by the lens. The vitreous body fills the eye socket behind the lens.

The retina is the most important part of the eye because it is responsible for the visual function. Stimuli are combined here into a vision and forwarded to the brain.

A human eye consists of many small parts, all of which are important to the sight: 

  1. Sclera
  2. Choroid
  3. Retina
  4. Vitreous body
  5. Visual nerve
  6. Ciliary body
  7. Posterior chamber of the eye
  8. Anterior chamebr of the eye
  9. Lens 
  10. Pupil
  11. Cornea
  12. Iris
  13. Schlemm’s canal

Protect your eyes from risks at work

Mechanical injuries: A large proportion of eye injuries are caused by mechanical influences, primarily foreign bodies such as chips, splinters, grains, dust, dirt etc. These foreign bodies can cause superficial or internal injuries such as bruises and bleeding.

Chemical injuries: Chemicals can enter and penetrate the eye in the form of a solid, liquid or gas substance. Both acid and alkaline can cause severe tissue damage. Decisive for the severity of the injuri is determained by the concentration of the chemical, the temperature and the duration of contact. 

Rinsing solutions for immediate treatment after an accident

In case of eye injuries, the rinsing solution is of great importance in order to reduce the potential damage. Quick access to an eyewash station is therefore required for all workplaces with risk of an eye injuri.

The eyewash should have the following qualities:

  • Effective also against exposure to chemicals
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Directly available at workplaces with high risks of eye injuries

Our rinsing solution range offers the right solution for almost every workplace. An overview of our bottles and stations can be found on our product page.

Important note:

Medical advice should always be sought in the case of eye injury. This also applies to injuries which may first appear harmless.