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Plum QuickSoft Bandage

Protect fingers and other joints.

The Plum QuickSoft Bandage is the go-to choice for anyone looking for an efficient, user-friendly, and latex-free solution to protect fingers and other joints. Its combination of features, from the tear-off design to the self-adhesive nature, ensures that it’s a valuable addition to any first aid kit, providing reliable support when you need it most.


Placed in a green dispenser that is easily refilled


Tear-off – no need for scissors

Self-adhesive – easy to apply

Dimension – Dispenser: h: 17 x w: 5.9 x d: 12.9 cm

Dimension – Bandage roll: l: 5 m x w: 5.5 cm

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS at
Art. no.Product namePackaging
5554Plum QuickSoft dispenser, empty1 x 8
5555Plum QuickSoft dispenser + 1 blue bandage1 x 8
5556Plum QuickSoft dispenser + 1 beige bandage1 x 8
5557Plum QuickSoft dispenser + 1 black bandage1 x 8
5541Plum QuickSoft bandage refill - blue x 21 x 4 (8 pcs in total)
5542Plum QuickSoft bandage refill - beige x 21 x 4 (8 pcs in total)
5543Plum QuickSoft bandage refill - black x 21 x 4 (8 pcs in total)