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Plum QuickFix Detectable

45 blue conspicuous textile plasters with a built-in metal foil that can be traced by a metal detector. Particularly suitable for the food industry. The plasters are made from a breathable material.

Plum QuickFix Detecable Long comes with 60 long and easily recognisable Plasters that can be wound several times around the finger for a perfect fit.

Versatile use wherever there is a risk of minor injuries and scratches. An optimum Plaster dispenser for assembly at stationary work places.


Immediate and visible access to plasters

Mount the dispenser where the need is the greatest

Comfortable and breathable plasters, adjust to the movement of the skin

Blue plasters with built-in metal plate for traceability

Each plaster is packed hygienically and individually, ready for use when pulled from the dispenser

Apply with one hand only

An empty dispenser is easily detected, refill as needed

CE-labelled plasters

The dispenser is fitted with a shelf for storage of small objects and can be secured with lock and key

Potential serious incidents related to product Plum QuickFix Detectable must be reported to the manufacturer at and to the Competent Authority responsible for medical devices.
Art. no.Product namePackaging
5513 Plum QuickFix Detectable plaster refill 8 x 6 x 45 pcs.
5509 Plum QuickFix Detectable Long plaster refill 8 x 6 x 30 pcs.
5503 Plum QuickFix Detectable plaster dispenser 1 pcs.
5529Plum QuickFix Detectable Long plaster dispenser 1 pcs.