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Welcome to Plum Safety!

We are international experts and offer high quality products and expert knowledge within first aid solutions and hygiene for the workplace.

We want you to be safe at work!

Workplace hygiene & first aid

Accidents happen every day. Minimize the extent and impact by making sure you have the right first aid solutions available where accidents can happen. A first aid solution tailored to your workplace will help you prepare for accidents and quickly treat eye injuries, cuts and minor wounds in a safe and hygienic way. A wide range of eyewashplastersburn gel and wound cleansing wipes/, helps to quickly treat you or your colleague and minimize the damage of an accident. It is  essential that the mix of safety products is fitted to the requirements of your workplace.

Global footprint

We have a global footprint and are represented in most of the world. Reach out if you need us to help you find your safety supplier!

Our products

Find the right first aid solution for your workplace, whether you work in an office or handle acids or alkali in a high-risk environment like charging batteries, industrial cleaning, laboratory work or petrochemical industry.