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Plum Eyewash stations

Wall-mounted eyewash stations, made in hard plastic for simple and quick first-aid in case of eye injury. No matter the circumstances, swift reaction is usually required when the eye is exposed. Therefore, you need to be well prepared with the proper first-aid products at the workplace.

Our range comprises eyewash stations with 1 and 2 bottles and combi stations with products in any size and with Plum Eyewash, Plum pH Neutral and DUO eyewash products.

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS.

For an enlarged view, please click on the Individual product images.

  • Visible and readily available first aid
  • Easily mounted on the wall close to the workplace and immediate washing may be needed
  • Ensures quick and efficient eyewash
  • Supplied with pictograms and mirror
  • Use in dust-free and dirt-free areas

How to buy our products

Want to buy and test our products - just call us on the number below

+45 6916 9600

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