Plum 1Aid Bag

Plum 1Aid Bag is a practical first aid bag for your belt and workwear or any workplace requiring a portable solution for first aid. It is easy to open and provides quick and hygienic first aid on the go.

Quick access to first aid is the key to increased safety at work. Plum 1Aid Bag is a flexible solution that gives quick access to the needed first aid product and makes it easy to always have the right products in the right place. Choose between two different combinations to best suit the needs of your workplace.


Quick and easy access to first aid on the go

User-friendly design allows the bag to be quickly opened

A safe and hygienic way to store and protect first aid products

Flexible solution – fits multiple combinations of products

Durable material

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS at

4960 – Plum 1Aid Bag Basic

1 x QuickFix Water Resistant (5511)
1 x QuickFix Elastic (5512)
1 x Plum Eyewash 200 ml (4691)
1 x QuickCool (5150)
1 x QuickClean (5151)
1 x QuickStop (5152)

4961 – Plum 1Aid Bag Industrial

2 x QuickFix Elastic (5512)
1 x pH Neutral 200 ml (4752)
1 x Wound and eyewash spray 50 ml (45530)
1 x QuickCool (5150)
1 x QuickClean (5151)
1 x QuickStop (5152)
Art. no.Product namePackaging
4960Plum 1Aid Bag Basic 4
4961Plum 1Aid Bag Industrial4